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Bite me !

A bite from the banana spider results in hours-long erections.

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Qwerty keyboards were created to slow down the typing (and to split apart the letters often used consecutively).

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Infinite number

0.9999999… (with an infinite amount of 9) equals 1.

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Living tongue

There is a shellfish which does not only parasite a fish but literally replace its tongue. This is the only known case of complete replacement of an organ.

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Best before:

Honey never goes bad!

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Centralia on fire !

In Centralia, Pennsylvania, a fire has been burning since 1962.

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“The yes needs the no to win against the no”

Nicolas Sarkozy never graduated from Sciences-Po (French School of Political Science) due to an insufficient command of the English language.

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A VERY long line

As of 2005, one hundred billion Bic pens have been sold all over the world. It represents enough ink to draw a line from here to Pluto and come back… more than 20 times.

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Baby penis

In Ancient Greece, a man was considered more virile if he had a small penis.

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Each year, worldwide, more people die from firearms than from drowning.

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Jane Cow

A cow with a name produces more milk than one without.

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A folding story

You can’t fold a paper in half more than 7 times.

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Bolivian government changed 188 times in 167 years.

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Saucers are not welcome

A municipal decree forbids flying saucers to fly over and to park in Chateauneuf-du-Pape (France).

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Degree in jerk off ?

According to a 1990 US Study, the more educated a person is (ie. the higher the degree the person obtained), the more he / she masturbates.

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Wind of change

A decrease in atmospheric pressure increases flatulences.

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Cocaine Cola

Cocaine was an ingredient of Coca-Cola until 1929.

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Alice in PapuaLand

Baruya people venerate sperm, so much that women have as much intercourse (marital or extramarital) as possible when they're pregnant, in order to give birth to a strong baby.

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Horses on ice

Almost a thousand horses died in the Lake Ladoga when the water suddenly froze.

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Are you hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic?

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666.

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George, get set for a mind blowing afternoon

Georges Washington used to grow cannabis in his garden.

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English pleasure

King Edward II of England (1284 – 1327) is believed to have been killed by the insertion of a red-hot iron rod in his rectum.

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Disaster avoided?

Orson Welles asked Walt Disney to make an adaptation of “The Little Prince” with him. Walt Disney refused.

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La la la smurf lala

Smurfette was originally created from clay by Gargamel.

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Windy enough to take the oxes’ horns off

This French expression has nothing to do with the Beaufort required to make our dear cattle’s horns fly away.

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Atchoo !

It's impossible to keep your eyes open while sneezing ! Try it !

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Porn and children

John B. Root, currently known as a pornographer, used to be a children’s book writer.

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God is great

In the 19th century, Dr. Faustroll calculated the surface of God!

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Rambo is a care bear

There's only one death in “Rambo: First Blood”.

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One date, two destinies

Osama Bin Laden and Chuck Norris celebrate their birthdays on the same day!

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