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you should never read that.
English proverb
By Gub (Translasted by Iphigenie) - Aug. 10, 2010   

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


You may chose to throw it to his face!
This sentence is attributed to Winston Churchill: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away…as long as you aim well”.


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InsaniD - Feb. 21, 2012 - 01:13 - (link to the comment)

Hmmm. Thought it (the basic, unadulterated quote) was based on marketing during Prohibition?
“Over the years apples were developed more for their sweetness and for eating out of hand rather than for cider. This was partly in response to early prohibition efforts. The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was part of a late nineteenth century marketing ploy to keep the apple in favor with the public as a healthy food versus its use as an alcoholic beverage.”

mansuetus - Feb. 21, 2012 - 18:23 - (link to the comment)

That's right : the aiming part is attributed to Churchill (and the origins of the expression dates back to late 19th century, according to your source).