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[10:55:21] <Crom> salut salut
[13:47:30] <lorisalis> hi
[13:47:18] <laboulange> hello ramuncho
[10:16:22] <lorisalis> salut Manux
[16:10:45] <Manux> da
[16:09:49] <lorisalis> I’m obligado to hablar in inglese ?
[09:47:04] <Stuffer> , , , , ,
[09:46:56] <Stuffer> |-|-|-|-|
[09:46:50] <Stuffer> - - - -
[09:46:42] <Stuffer> |Minizyl|
[09:46:38] <Stuffer> Minizyl
[09:46:25] <Stuffer> |_______|
[09:46:21] <Stuffer> _______
[09:46:19] <Stuffer> I need to test smthg…
[16:41:57] <Beri> It was the story of a man whose account opened during his childhood was left abandoned without any activity and he lost it after 30(?) years.
[16:41:07] <Beri> Banks close accounts of people after several years of inactivity. I read some article in my bank as I was a child.
[11:41:57] <mansuetus> Hu ? Does any bank close any account except from one’s death ?!
[03:28:16] <dave> do all banks close inactive accounts
[17:10:35] <lauvergnat> oups, this does NOT work! FAIL!
[17:13:38] <mansuetus> Hi, is there anybody here ?
[23:03:00] <lauvergnat> Pour les perdus qui se retrouvent sur la shoutbox sans personne, un conseil : cliquez sur le drapeau français, là au dessus. Il y aura plus de monde…
[16:28:06] <Miya>
[16:26:59] <Arpegius> ^^
[16:26:40] <Schtroumpf> 4 victims
[16:26:29] <Schtroumpf> Congrats Arpegius!
[07:14:09] <omg101> there used to be planets before our planets but because of gravitational pull they got sucked in and burnt by the sun. so soon we will be burnt in the sun but not for 100,000,000,000’s+ of years
[08:21:24] <Beri> No, nobody from tri.cities here…
[11:42:20] <Junk> http://xkcd.com/1053/
[00:35:15] <dobbs> is there anyone from tri.cities
[10:12:09] <mansuetus> I love your teddy bear ^^