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By Arpegius (Translasted by Beri) - Aug. 19, 2010   

The famous sign “Peace” (☮) was the insignia of the Wehrmacht 3. Panzer-Division (1941-1945).


This sign is supposed to be an ancient pictogram symbolizing death.
Of course, this origin is not the one that inspired pacifists, but the mixing of two semaphores N (/ \) and D (|) for Nuclear Disarmament.


Wikimedia – Insignia of Wehrmacht
Wikipedia – Peace Symbols

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Beri - Aug. 16, 2010 - 13:44 - (link to the comment)

Only a few sources on Wikipedia really reveal this (german, italian, polish, russian…).

Wiki – Panzer DE

UK, Spanish and French versions (amongst others) don't show the peace logo as Panzer Division Insignia. Did they forget or won't they shock public opinion ?