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you should never read that.
A folding story
By Junk (Translasted by vinc) - Aug. 6, 2010   

You can’t fold a paper in half more than 7 times.


Let’s imagine:
If you fold it once, you have 2 layers;
if you fold it again, you have 2 * 2 ie 4 layers;
and again, you have 4 * 2 ie 8 layers;
if you fold it 8 times you will obtain 2 to the power 8 (28) that is 256 layers!

Some would say ”But what if we use bible paper?”
Why not, but you might only fold it 10 times, no more!

The TV program “Mythbuster” proved that it was possible: they folded a huge sheet of paper 12 times, in a hangar!
So yes, it’s possible, but not with a normal sheet of paper.


Wikipedia – Paper folding
World Science Festival – Science Fun Facts
Pomonahistorical.org – Folding Paper in Half 12 Times

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InsaniD - Oct. 31, 2011 - 20:31 - (link to the comment)

On April 3rd, teacher James Tanton from the St Marks boarding school near MIT and his students broke this “record”. Using 13,000 feet of toilet paper and the Infinite Hall at MIT, the students were able to fold the paper 13 times.

Beri - Nov. 8, 2011 - 10:33 - (link to the comment)

InsaniD, I suggest a second reading of the DYK, the last sentence said:

So yes, it’s possible, but not with a normal sheet of paper.

Several attempts broke this record of 7 times but not in the same condition (thinner paper, bigger paper and so on).