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Balls forever…
By None (Translasted by janus) - April 23, 2010   

In 2005, a Welsh rugby fan named Geoff Huish had so little faith in his national team's victory against England that he declared : “If Wales win, I'll cut my balls off.”


Wales won 11 to 9 (for the first time in 12 years).
Huish, who had a psychiatric history, went back home and castrated himself before going back to the bar with his balls in a bag.
He was hospitalized in a seriously ill condition.


WalesOnline.co.uk – Welsh rugby fan cuts off own testicles

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la_canayenne - Feb. 10, 2011 - 17:56 - (link to the comment)

It took him some balls ti do that.

SoulSamurai412 - Jan. 10, 2013 - 13:00 - (link to the comment)

That was pretty ballsy of him.

neron - Feb. 19, 2013 - 19:09 - (link to the comment)

That's a bouncy story! -Dafuq?