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Honey never goes bad!

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Bubble gum

In Singapore, the import and the sale of chewing gum are prohibited.

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5 to 7 kg of olives are required to produce one liter of oil.

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Super Size Mich

The famous Hamburger sandwich comes from Hamburg.
The Hot-Dog comes from Frankfurt (name before americanization: Frankfurter)

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Drug ? No, chocolate !

Dark chocolate has the property to reduce the blood pressure level.

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In a fruit, the highest proportion of vitamins is contained in the peel.

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Coke in a glass bottle tastes better than coke in a can, which, in turn, tastes better than fast-food's one.

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Chinese are everywhere

Apricots originally came from the northeast of China.

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Kids and grown-ups love it so …

HARIBO comes from “HAns RIegel, BOnn”, creator of the company, followed by the name of the city where he created it.

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You said Pizza ?

The modern pizza (as we know it nowadays) has been invented in 1889 by Raffaele Esposito.

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