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Video vs Radio

The first music video ever broadcast on MTV was the Buggles' “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

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Blue Suede Bike

Elvis Presley's first guitar cost 12.95 $.

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Origins of Africa?!

The sample “It Began in Afrika” from the title track of the Chemical Brothers released in 2001 has been used by IAM (a french hip hop band) in 1991 for the title “Red, Black and Green”.

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Godfather of soul

James Brown has served 3 years in prison (from 1988 to 1991). He was convicted of carrying an unlicensed pistol and on drug consuming charges.

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CD's (again)

The optic line of a Compact Disc is 3.5 miles long !
Amazing, isn't it ?

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Jimi Hallyday

Jimi Hendrix played 4 opening acts for… Johnny Hallyday !

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In Ze Nayville

The two founding producers of the “Village People” are French.

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Sex and Rock n' Roll

According to a survey, young people consider that music is even more important than sex.

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Bob Marley drove a BMW in order to see the name of his band written on his car!

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CD's …

A CD has a radius of 4.7 in (12 cm) for a playtime of 74 minutes because it is the playtime of Beethoven’s 9^th^ symphony.

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The Sex Pistols only recorded one album.

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