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[2012-08-23 16:26:40] <Schtroumpf> 4 victims
[2012-08-23 16:26:59] <Arpegius> ^^
[2012-08-23 16:28:06] <Miya>
[2012-08-26 23:03:00] <lauvergnat> Pour les perdus qui se retrouvent sur la shoutbox sans personne, un conseil : cliquez sur le drapeau français, là au dessus. Il y aura plus de monde…
[2012-09-21 17:13:38] <mansuetus> Hi, is there anybody here ?
[2012-09-28 17:10:35] <lauvergnat> oups, this does NOT work! FAIL!
[2013-03-02 03:28:16] <dave> do all banks close inactive accounts
[2013-04-01 11:41:57] <mansuetus> Hu ? Does any bank close any account except from one's death ?!
[2013-05-21 16:41:07] <Beri> Banks close accounts of people after several years of inactivity. I read some article in my bank as I was a child.
[2013-05-21 16:41:57] <Beri> It was the story of a man whose account opened during his childhood was left abandoned without any activity and he lost it after 30(?) years.
[2014-03-04 09:46:19] <Stuffer> I need to test smthg…
[2014-03-18 10:16:22] <lorisalis> salut Manux
[2014-03-18 13:47:30] <lorisalis> hi

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