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Alice in PapuaLand

Baruya people venerate sperm, so much that women have as much intercourse (marital or extramarital) as possible when they're pregnant, in order to give birth to a strong baby.

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Save our souls!

The famous distress signal SOS (· · · — — — · · · in morse code) does not mean anything! For sure, it has no link with Save our souls which is a backronym.

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Widen your circle of friends

Whether a circle is composed of 10, 100 or 1000 people, everyone has to step back 11 inches (28 cm) in order to fit one new person in the circle.

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Nobel is no cuckold

The famous anecdote that explains the absence of a Nobel prize in mathematics by the fact that Alfred Nobel's wife cheated on him with some mathematician is false!

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Rabbits are not rodents!

Actually they are lagomorphs, another order of mammals.

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Baby penis

In Ancient Greece, a man was considered more virile if he had a small penis.

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Great Wall from space

It's usually said that the Great Wall of China is “the only human building that can be seen from space”...actually it's false.

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Out of the box

The well-known Pandora's box is actually a jar.

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Night vision !

Most pirates had two eyes in perfect condition, but kept an eye patch on one of them to keep it adjusted to darkness, facilitating night navigation and the passage from the upper deck (in daylight) to lower bridges (very dark).

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Banzaï !

Before becoming a battle cry in the mouth of kamikaze, “Banzai” was used to express respect for the emperor, wishing him happiness and longevity, and it is still in use today.

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Coke in a glass bottle tastes better than coke in a can, which, in turn, tastes better than fast-food's one.

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Evening dress

One woman out of two takes up to 50 pieces of clothing in her luggage for only two weeks of holidays.

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