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Better a rhino than an ass!

In 1958, a five-year-old female rhinoceros named Cacareco won Sao Paulo’s council elections.

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Bite me !

A bite from the banana spider results in hours-long erections.

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Horses on ice

Almost a thousand horses died in the Lake Ladoga when the water suddenly froze.

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Living tongue

There is a shellfish which does not only parasite a fish but literally replace its tongue. This is the only known case of complete replacement of an organ.

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Hippopotamuses are genetically closer to whales than to pigs.

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Uncommon swift

A swift can fly 2 or even 3 years without landing, which makes it the world champion of nonstop flight…

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Athletic aquatics

An adult octopus can easily swim through a hole the size of the space between its eyes.

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Sober as a Koala

Usually, koalas don’t ever drink water during their whole life.

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Rabbits are not rodents!

Actually they are lagomorphs, another order of mammals.

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Bonellia and Clyde

The male Bonellia viridis, or Green Spoonworm, is so small that he lives inside the female!

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Friends of apes

In Spain, apes have been granted rights similar to humans since June 2008.

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Bats engage in fellatio during pairing.

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Purring therapy

Purring releases endorphins that help cats to ease the pain and reassure themselves.

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Weeny weenie

The erect gorilla penis is less than 2 inches long.

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Windy enough to take the oxes’ horns off

This French expression has nothing to do with the Beaufort required to make our dear cattle’s horns fly away.

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Only females bite!

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Noble heart

Octopuses have three hearts and their blood is blue.

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Cockroaches are coprophage.

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Mad love

Lions can mate up to 50 times a day.

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Cockroach never dies…

A cockroach can live up to several weeks headless before it dies of starvation.

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