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Bite me !

A bite from the banana spider results in hours-long erections.

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Wind of change

A decrease in atmospheric pressure increases flatulences.

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Best before:

Honey never goes bad!

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Jane Cow

A cow with a name produces more milk than one without.

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Rabbits are not rodents!

Actually they are lagomorphs, another order of mammals.

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Purring therapy

Purring releases endorphins that help cats to ease the pain and reassure themselves.

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Kiss of deaf

A strong kiss can cause an imbalance in the air pressure between the two inner ears and lead to a broken ear drum!

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EPO Tour of California

The American pharmaceutic firm Amgen has been sponsoring the cyclist tour of California since 2006. Amgen is the first producer of EPO worldwide.

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Megafungus Rex

The largest living organism on earth (and by far) is a mushroom!

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Noble heart

Octopuses have three hearts and their blood is blue.

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Cockroaches are coprophage.

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A newborn baby is hairier than you !

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It is impossible to put a finger in the nose, one in the anus and one in each ear simultaneously.

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Cockroach never dies…

A cockroach can live up to several weeks headless before it dies of starvation.

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Your eyes are bigger than…

The eye of an ostrich is bigger than its brain.

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The hippopotamus can, when he has no choice, eat meat.

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Plague is not eradicated actually: the WHO took a census of 2118 cases in 2003, among which 182 were fatal.

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Chiropters (commonly known as bats), are the only mammals capable of flying.

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Coming out

It's only in 1990 that the World Health Organization took the decision to withdraw homosexuality from its list of mental diseases.

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Atchoo !

It's impossible to keep your eyes open while sneezing ! Try it !

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