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God is great

In the 19th century, Dr. Faustroll calculated the surface of God!

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Widen your circle of friends

Whether a circle is composed of 10, 100 or 1000 people, everyone has to step back 11 inches (28 cm) in order to fit one new person in the circle.

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Nobel is no cuckold

The famous anecdote that explains the absence of a Nobel prize in mathematics by the fact that Alfred Nobel's wife cheated on him with some mathematician is false!

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Infinite number

0.9999999… (with an infinite amount of 9) equals 1.

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Lost time…

Movies are shorter on television than in movie theaters. Nothing is cut off, but the speed is slightly increased.

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142 857

142 857 is the only cyclic number.

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Manhole covers are round so that they cannot fall in the opening.

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