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Origins of Africa?!

The sample “It Began in Afrika” from the title track of the Chemical Brothers released in 2001 has been used by IAM (a french hip hop band) in 1991 for the title “Red, Black and Green”.

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Looking for lost period

A volume of the book A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (Looking for Lost Time) by Marcel Proust contains one of the longest sentence in French literature: 856 words.

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EPO Tour of California

The American pharmaceutic firm Amgen has been sponsoring the cyclist tour of California since 2006. Amgen is the first producer of EPO worldwide.

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Godfather of soul

James Brown has served 3 years in prison (from 1988 to 1991). He was convicted of carrying an unlicensed pistol and on drug consuming charges.

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Tabak ist taboo

The first anti-smoking campaigns were launched during the Third Reich.

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Windy enough to take the oxes’ horns off

This French expression has nothing to do with the Beaufort required to make our dear cattle’s horns fly away.

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5 to 7 kg of olives are required to produce one liter of oil.

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Only females bite!

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Back to the Future

The DeLorean time machine used in the trilogy “Back to the Future” could have been a freezer!

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Traces of cocaine can be found on 90% of U.S. bills.

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French Resistance

Every year, the french cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris has as many visitors as Disneyland Paris.

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La la la smurf lala

Smurfette was originally created from clay by Gargamel.

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Megafungus Rex

The largest living organism on earth (and by far) is a mushroom!

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Take cover!!

Between 2000 and 3000 meteorites fall on Earth each year.

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Noble heart

Octopuses have three hearts and their blood is blue.

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English pleasure

King Edward II of England (1284 – 1327) is believed to have been killed by the insertion of a red-hot iron rod in his rectum.

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Symbolic dollar

Since 1997, Steve Jobs has taken home no more than a single dollar for his salary.

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Can you open it?

The can-opener was invented more than 40 years after the can!

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Cockroaches are coprophage.

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Porn and children

John B. Root, currently known as a pornographer, used to be a children’s book writer.

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