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Make love, not…

In 1994, the US army speculated about the creation of a “gay bomb”.

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A newborn baby is hairier than you !

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Mad love

Lions can mate up to 50 times a day.

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Baby penis

In Ancient Greece, a man was considered more virile if he had a small penis.

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Lost time…

Movies are shorter on television than in movie theaters. Nothing is cut off, but the speed is slightly increased.

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Rimbaud warrior!

Arthur Rimbaud suddenly abandoned poetry in 1875, and was later known as a weapons merchant in Abyssinia.

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German time

France has been using the German time zone since the German occupation during WWII.

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In the USA, a federal law made it illegal to have contact with “extraterrestrials or their vehicles”. Enforcement of the law led to a fine of 5000 dollars or a one year prison term.

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Great Wall from space

It's usually said that the Great Wall of China is “the only human building that can be seen from space”...actually it's false.

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Super Size Mich

The famous Hamburger sandwich comes from Hamburg.
The Hot-Dog comes from Frankfurt (name before americanization: Frankfurter)

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Tsutomu, the survivor

Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the only man who survived both atomic bombs (at least the only that was officially recognised)...

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Each year, worldwide, more people die from firearms than from drowning.

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Writing the Faust tragedy took 59 years to Goethe.

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Drug ? No, chocolate !

Dark chocolate has the property to reduce the blood pressure level.

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It is impossible to put a finger in the nose, one in the anus and one in each ear simultaneously.

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Charlie Chaplin secretly took part in a Chaplin look-alike competition in San Francisco. He came in third.

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A VERY long line

As of 2005, one hundred billion Bic pens have been sold all over the world. It represents enough ink to draw a line from here to Pluto and come back… more than 20 times.

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Packed in Paradise

80 billion human beings have been born on the planet since the first humans, and half of them in the last two millennia !

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Cockroach never dies…

A cockroach can live up to several weeks headless before it dies of starvation.

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Bolivian government changed 188 times in 167 years.

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